Olive Oil course. level 2

Letter from the Director

Welcome to Level 2 Olive Oil Sommelier Course. Thank you for showing your confidence once again in the Olive Oil School of Spain.

We can now proceed to further your knowledge and understanding of the sensory analysis of virgin olive oil.

Our starting point is extra virgin olive oil and our goal is to promote it through hard work and full understanding of all its qualities. In addition, we will focus on identifying olive oil defects and learn how to detect them in order to avoid these attributes in the future. The goal is to be able to identify quality olive oil.

Thus, in level 2 we will examine in greater depth how defects come out in olive oil. We will submerge ourselves in intense olive oil tasting in order to become better tasters.

Here is where we will put into practice everything we have learned so far. For example, classifying defects according to their intensity, distinguishing virgin from extra virgin oil etc. The aim will be to increase your self-confidence as an olive oil taster.

We hope to transmit to you our passion for extra virgin olive oil. We believe that extra virgin olive oils, especially the most outstanding ones, should become a part of every household in the same way that wine has.

Our aim is for you to develop a nose not only for defects, but for positive descriptors as well.

Greetings to all those who love extra-virgin olive oil!

Susana Romera Arias. Technical Director


Olive Oil Sommelier Course. Level 2

Level 2 Olive Oil Sommelier Course is designed for those who have completed Level 1 Olive Oil Sommelier Course or who have an equivalent accreditation of the basic concepts of virgin olive oil sensory analysis.

Students who have successfully completed the course will be granted the corresponding certification.

Objectives and Content

  • Continue and increase experience with olive oil tasting and sensory analysis.
  • Detect the presence of defects in an oil.
  • Gain more confidence as an olive oil taster.
  • Understand physicochemical analyses.
  • Come into contact with other people in the world of virgin olive oil
  • Self-evaluation and reinforce knowledge

The course is directed by Susana Romera, Technical Director of the Olive Oil School of Spain

In addition, some specialists in the sector will also participate in the course as instructors.

Susana Romera Olive Oil Sommelier course

Susana Romera, Olive Oil School of Spain Technical Director

Our Technical Director will train the participants so that they can get an advanced knowledge on olive oil tasting and olive oil culture.

Susana comes from an olive oil producing family in Granada, Spain. Formally trained in Cordoba and Madrid, she has participated as a professional taster in several events and conventions on the sensorial analysis of virgin olive oil. Susana has a wide experience co-ordinating and implementing Olive Oil School of Spain diverse training programmes. Susana is the Olive Oil School of Spain Panel Leader.

 Gonzalo Pin Olive Oil Sommelier course

Gonzalo Pin: Master Miller at Olioli organic Olive Oil Mill

Gonzalo Pin will taste together with the students a wide variety of virgin olive oils. Throughout these tasting sessions, students will understand how olive ripening stages, as well as other decissions in terms of  Together with Gonzalo, students will learn all important factors that may affect olive oil quality all along the elaboration process. Gonzalo will also talk about olive oil healthy properties.

Gonzalo is Master Miller at Oli oli organic olive oil mill. In addition, he works as master miller consultant for other olive oil mills. Gonzalo has received the Gold Award  “BEST MASTER OF OLIVE MILL INTERESTED IN HEALTHY PROVEN EVOO”. OLYMPIA AWARDS 2016 Health & Nutrition. Moreover, he is ICA – International Cooking Academy with EVOO – Board Member. Gonzalo is olive oil taster certified by the Olive Oil School of Spain and belongs to Columela Tasting Club, the School olive oil tasting club.


•   Official Tasting Panel •   Acidity and Peroxides
•   Perception thresholds •   Reading physicochemical analyses
•   Identification tests •   Panel test
•   Repetition tests •   Defects
•   Putting in order tests •   How olive oil is ranked in contests
•   Mixed oils •   Self-test evaluation



The course consists of in-house sessions which combine theoretical classes with carefully structured tasting sessions in terms of adequate length and number of tastings.

Theoretical classes not only offer a knowledge base regarding tasting but also serve to give the senses a necessary break, thus avoiding over-saturation. This has proven to be very effective as a way to learn and assimilate the necessary concepts. In addition, there will be a visit to an olive oil mill where you will see first-hand how olive oil is made.

Programme includes visit to olive fields during the first day and visit to an olive oil mill and ancient olive tree on the second day.



The course will take place at:

Olive Oil School of Spain

C/ Vicente La Roda, 6, 46011, Valencia



Next editions

  • 17th and 18th of May 2018
  • 25th and 26th of October 2018

¿Where to stay?

Hostal Antigua Morellana
C/ En Bou, 2. 46001. Valencia

Hotel La Posada de Paterna
Avenida de Leonardo Da Vinci s/n, 46980 Paterna, Valencia.

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Once the course has been successfully completed according to the criteria of the Olive Oil School of Spain, the student will be awarded the LEVEL 2 OLIVE OIL SOMMELIER CERTIFICATION


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