MACA - Year-long Program to Keep Your Olive Oil Tasting Skills Up-To-Date

Keep your olive oil tasting skills at a proper level the whole year round.

A year-round tasting program designed for students who have completed courses at the Olive Oil School of Spain

Our aim is to offer a way for you to maintain the olive oil tasting skills you have acquired at the Olive Oil School of Spain.

It is very important to continue training your ability to analyse olive oil for both defects and positive descriptors. Once you have become familiar with the protocol for tasting, it is necessary to continue practicing.

We understand that one of the major hurdles for this continuous training is being able to attend on-site weekly sessions.

And for our international clients, many of whom wish to keep in contact with the school, this is especially difficult.

From its very inception, the Olive Oil School of Spain has made it a top priority to fully support its students, this is why we have created a way for you to maintain the olive oil tasting skills acquired through a special off-site program.

You will receive 5 referenced Virgin Olive Oil samples to taste, and all the necessary materials

Who can participate in this program?

You can participate in this program if you fulfil one of the following requisites:

-If you have completed the LEVEL 1 OLIVE OIL SOMMELIER COURSE
-If you are signed up for one of our Olive Oil Sommelier Certifications
-If you have successfully completed our online tasting course