11 - 12
February 2019


Olive Grove

13 - 14
February 2019

Montoro, Córdoba

Students who have successfully completed the course will be granted with the diploma of the course

Master Miller Course

At the end of the Master Miller course, the student will know in detail the entire EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) elaboration process and will own the keys to obtain a premium and outstanding olive oil.

Olive Grove Management Course

Through this course, students will learn what are the key management parameters to be taken into account to achieve a healthy and most productive olive grove.

Both the Master Miller and the Olive Grove Management Courses are designed for master millers, production managers as well as olive oil mill operators with or without experience in the production of extra virgin olive oils.

At the Olive Oil School of Spain we are pioneers of Olive Oil Education.

We have trained more than 900 professionals that use their knowledge everyday to improve the quality of their work with olive oil.

Objectives of the courses

Master Miller Course:
- Learn to work with different climatological characteristics.
- Acquire first-hand knowledge about the proper treatment for different varieties of olive trees.
- Learn about the most frequent and not-so frequent mistakes in the elaboration process.
- Learn about the importance of olive oil tasting.

Olive Grove Management Course:
- Understand the key factors that influence the olive grove behaviour.
- Learn to work with different climatological characteristics.
- Acquire first-hand knowledge about best olive grove treatments.
- Learn about different olive tree varieties and their behaviour.

Teaching Team

Mar Manrique

Manager, technician and Master Miller at Cooperativa San Vicente (Puerta de las Villas).

Juan Jose Alonso

Master Miller at Oro del Desierto (Almería).
Best Spanish Master Miller by AEMO 2013/14.

Juan Molina

Owner and manager of Cortijo Spíritu Santo.
Agricultural engineer.

José Luis Burgos

Agricultural Technician. Production and quality manager at Cortijo la Torre.

Agustín Oliver

Master Miller at Cooperativa San Vicente.

Rafa Navarro. Olive Grove Management Expert.

Rafa Navarro

Olive Grove Management Specialist.

Discover Andalusia, the ocean of olive trees

The intensive courses include: morning lectures in the selected Olive Oil Mills and afternoon visits to Olive Oil related places of interest.

- The biggest Olive Oil Cooperative in the World.
- Interactive Olive Oil Museum with an extention of 11.222 m2.
- Varietals Olive Tree field.
- Agrotechnic research institute


The courses are developed through face-to-face teaching sessions in different olive oil mills. In addition, some training visits will be made in the afternoon.

The morning session will continue with a visit to an olive oil mill accredited by the Olive Oil School of Spain and end with a group meal.
After the group meal, we will make a guided tour to selected sites related to the theme of the course. With these trips we intend to enrich and integrate the theoretical training that is done during the course.

By joining the experience of the master millers, together with the tastings and visits, students will acquire practical tools that will be able to apply in their respective jobs improving their results.

Where to stay?

We have recommendations of hotels located close to the Olive Oil Mills that will host the course.

We will help you with the booking in case you need.

Places are limited

Students will be admitted in order of inscription

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