Olive Oil sensory and physicochemical analysis

Sensory Analysis by our Independent Tasting Panel:
Sensory Analysis Profile Sheet: 45 Euros
Technical Taste Assessment Profile Sheet: 65 Euros
Gastronomy profile sheet/ report: 90 Euros

In addition to the profile sheets, a sensory or technical report can be requested for a supplementary charge of 45 euros per report.
Express service: surcharge of 35 Euros.
We also provide sensory analysis by Official Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Panel.

Physicochemical analysis by accredited laboratory:
– Basic (Acidity, Peroxides, K270 and K232): 45 Euros
– Basic + waxes: 145 Euros
– Basic + sterols: 135 Euros
– Phytosanitary wastes: 175 Euros 

VAT not included.

We have a specialized translation service.

To request our services:

1. Send copy of bank transfer for the complete corresponding amount to

Our data:EVCATA – Triodos Bank
ES06 1491 0001 2120 3851 8920
Concept: Analysis_emails-applicant2.
2. Quantity of samples to submit for the requested reports:– Sensory Profile Sheet: 250ml
– Technical Taste Assessment Profile Sheet: 250ml (if you have requested a sensory profile sheet, no further sample is needed).
– Gastronomy Profile Sheet/ Report: 500ml
– Sensory Report by Official Tasting Panel: 750ml.
– Basic Physicochemical Analysis (with or without waxes or sterols): 500ml.
– Phytosanitary waste: 500ml.Send samples to this address:
46011 – Valencia – Spain

Reception hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

More information: / 647062956

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