What is it?

The Seal of Confidence is a tool to facilitate extra virgin olive oil related negotiations. Its purpose is to help importers, distributors and retailers as well as producers and marketers of extra virgin olive oil.

This stamp is a logo that can be displayed by any related business selling extra virgin olive oil. It can be put on bottles, catalogs, websites and, in general, in all online and offline communications. The Seal of Confidence is evaluated, executed and approved by the Olive Oil School of Spain. It is a sign of quality in suppliers.

The Seal of Confidence is important as a prerequisite for negotiations and transactions on extra virgin olive oil. In order to receive the seal the entire company is evaluated, not just the necessary condition of quality products.

This international distinction aims at promoting good practices in the olive oil sector.


Fortunately, there is a multitude of extra virgin olive oils available to us on the market; however, there have likewise been countless awards and distinctions regarding the quality of these oils. These two factors make it difficult, if not impossible, for the buyer to ascertain olive oil quality.

Importers, distributors and retailers are faced with the difficulty of assessing the quality of extra virgin olive oil, resulting in a complicated selection process, especially in cases of long distances between seller and buyer.

Most frequently the selection is based more on the packaging and the price rather than on the product itself. A bottle might be labeled “extra virgin” but will this oil still be extra virgin a few months later? Is it a reliable entity selling me olive oil? Will this entity work according to social and environmentally friendly criteria?

The Seal of Confidence was conceived with the intention of solving these problems, and facilitating the purchase of extra virgin olive oil quality through trustworthy assessment.


1. Extra virgin olive oil should remain within its category for at least one year.

2. EVOO should meet the following physicochemical parameters:
Acidity: <0.3%
Peroxides: <11 mq O2/kg
Alkyl esters: <30 mg/kg
K 270:<0.18
K232: <2.0

3. Extra virgin olive oil should be filtered

4. The applicant needs to have been in the market for at least two years.

5. The administrator of the applying entity, members of the board, or individual where appropriate, should have no criminal record for crimes against property and socio-economic order.

6. The applicant should be committed to maintaining profitability and sustainability of the business with respect for the environment.

7. By submitting this application, applicants shall always observe the following ethical code:

– Facilitate Information of the full purchase price (with reference to the taxation)

– Specify terms, conditions and payment

– Specify the different means of delivery

– Describe the basic features that enable the identification of goods or services

– Inform on whether or not additional costs will be applied

– Advise the buyer on conditions for product return, cancellation or changes in the product

– Information on guarantees applicable to the acquisition of the product

– Indicate where and how to present possible claims

– Report the registered bidder for legal purposes if it were requested.


– The Seal is valid for two years after the date it was granted.

– Using the image of The Seal of Confidence is subject to the rules attached to its granting.

– Using the image of The Seal of Confidence on online platforms must necessarily be linked to the official website stipulated in the rules attached to its granting.

– Any entity using the label in a misleading way will be penalized with the elimination of The Seal of Confidence until the next review.

– The renewal of The Seal of Confidence will be done ex parte and once completed the second year after the granting thereof.

Procedure for obtaining The Seal of Confidence

– Send a sample of 500ml of the extra virgin olive oil to receive the label. The sample must be properly identified with batch number, date of manufacture, date of harvest and identification of the sender with name, address, e-mail and telephone number of the person responsible for requesting The Seal of Confidence.


Olive Oil School of Spain

C/ Vicente La Roda, 6. 46011 – Valencia


– Send to the previous address or by email (info@evcata.es) physicochemical analyisis report of the EVOO including: acidity, peroxides, alkyl esters, K270 and K232.

– Send a scanned copy of the first bill of extra virgin olive oil sale to e-mail: info@evcata.es

– Send Certificate proving having no criminal record for crimes against property and socio-economic order in the name of the manager of the company, board of directors or individual where applicable(1). Scan and send to e-mail: info@evcata.es

– Send template signed by a representative of the applying organization showing its committment to maintaining the profitability and sustainability of its activities with respect for the environment. Scan the completed template to e-mail: info@evcata.es

– Make a transfer for the amount of 210 Euros + 21% VAT for evaluation, processing and management of the Seal of Confidence stamp to the Olive Oil School of Spain:

EVCATA – Olive Oil School of Spain

IBAN: ES06 1491 0001 2120 3851 8920

Concept: Seal of Confidence_email

(1) Olive Oil School of Spain can process the Certificate of no criminal record. This service has a cost of 145 Euros.

The Olive Oil School of Spain offers a mediation service for resolving commercial disputes related to the use of The Seal of Confidence.

Official stamp of Olive Oil Meeting Point:

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