Olive Oil Sommelier Certification


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What is an Olive Oil Sommelier?

A sommelier is a highly knowledgeable olive oil professional who is an expert in every aspect of olive oil service and food and olive oil pairing. In addition, olive oil sommeliers understand olive oil ellaboration process and are able to identify which practices may affect to its quality.

Today, the responsibilities of an olive oil sommelier are as varied as they are demanding. Not only must a good sommelier show a mastery of a broad spectrum of olive oils, but they must be able to connect with a client in a way that makes them feel comfortable and part of the experience. Other responsibilities include:

  • Olive oil sommeliers working at/for olive oil mills will be able to identify defects in olive oils and alert about a possible problem within the ellaboration process.
  • Olive Oil sommeliers working at specialised stores/ importing companies/ distributors will be prepared to select olive oils according to best price/quality ratio.
  • Olive Oil sommeliers working in restaurants, specialised stores and others will be responsible for:
  • Storing olive oils in optimal conditions / temperature
  • Rotating stock in proper order/ ensure accurate pricing
  • Presenting the olive oil list to clients highlighting featured olive oils/ new additions
  • Emphasizing olive oils that pair well with meals
  • Ordering olive oils appropriate to restaurant offerings (sometimes directly from the olive oil mill)
  • Educating front-of-house staff and chefs about olive oil.

The Olive Oil Sommelier Certification by the Olive Oil School of Spain includes:

  1. Courses:
  2. Registration for Exams for each course
  3. 1 hour tutorial session
  4. 1 day session at an olive oil mill duly acredited by the Olive Oil School of Spain

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