At the Olive Oil School of Spain we are pioneers of Olive Oil Education.
Our school is chosen by the best professionals for improving their careers and to raise the quality of the Olive Oils they
deal with.
We were the first highly specialized school in the Olive Oil sector. We founded the school in 2011 with a firm commitment to EVOO education and culture.
We have trained more than 900 professionals that use their knowledge everyday to improve the quality of their work
with olive oil.
At the Olive Oil School of Spain we are committed to sharing the latest trends of the market and to offering our
participants all the support they need.
Do not miss the chance to learn from the best professionals and to be successful in your olive oil endeavour.

Welcome to the Olive Oil School of Spain!


Susana Romera Arias
Susana Romera Arias    —    Technical director

Susana Romera comes from an olive oil producing family in Granada, Spain. Formally trained in Cordoba and Madrid, she has participated as a professional taster in several events and conventions on the sensorial analysis of virgin olive oil. She holds a diploma in Social Work from the University of Valencia. In addition, she is an official therapist of the Miguel Roca Archbishop Foundation, and has a speciality in motivational therapy and addiction from the Complutense University of Madrid. She has held several positions of responsability. Susana is innovative, flexible, dynamic, concilliatory and unconditionally hard-working.

Marta González E.
Marta González E.    —    Directora Ejecutiva
Marta González comes from a family that owns several wineries in La Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Jerez, Spain. She has a bachellor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the Autónoma University of Madrid. She has a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Markets from the School of Industrial Organization in Madrid. Marta has worked in Madrid, Brussels and Valencia. Among other things, she worked as Director of Consulting at NTDA Energía. She has participated in and continues to participate in several Administrative Boards at different enterprises and associations. Marta speaks several languages, is hard working, pro-active, dynamic, perfectionist, autodidactic and creative.


Ricardo Andrés
Ricardo Andrés
Diseño y Marketing
Emilia Picazo
Emilia Picazo
Departamento Jurídico
Emilia Picazo
Alberto Chiralt
Fotografía y Video
Emilia Picazo
Ruth Vélez
Emilia Picazo
Carmen Úbeda
Departamento Técnico
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