Be one step ahead of the game. The olive oil market has been saturated with a confusing array of olive oil grades, diversified into a whole gamut of flavored and infused oils, and mystified into a bewildering disparity of prices. If you are interested in incorporating olive oil into your business or personal life, it is very essential to be able to differentiate good from mediocre or even bad olive oil. This is especially true now that consumers are gradually demanding a greater degree of information about olive oil parameters of quality. The Tasting School of Valencia offers a 2-day (8 hours total) special seminar for learning all the facets of olive oil tasting. The seminar combines informative lectures with olive oil tasting sessions which allow you to experience first-hand all the major organoleptic issues related to understanding what constitutes high quality olive oil. We also include a hands-on gastronomy workshop on the relationship between the different food types and EVOOs. Courses are held at the Tasting School of Valencia (Valencia, Spain) – OR – special courses can be arranged at your place of business or another location near you. This may be of interest to you especially if you have several people you want to train in on olive oil quality and it is more economical to have our instructors come to you.


If you are interested in having us come to your area to receive our special course on olive oil tasting, please email us at: or call (001-34) 647-062-956 (7am – 2pm USA time).


Price guidelines

Price per person is 390€ (all taxes included). For groups of four to six people, a total price of 1760€ will be applied.


When necessary, travel expenses, accommodation, and subsistence expenses will be charged, having been previously agreed to by both parties.


The Tasting School of Valencia

We at The Tasting School of Valencia share in the principles of the Slow Food Movement and are committed to disseminating the culture of extra virgin olive oil. In 2014 we received first prize in the national award for olive oil culture given by the AEMO (Spanish Association of Olive Grower Municipalities). We focus on three areas related to olive oil:

*Culture: amateur and professional courses

*Discovery: tasting and food pairing experiences

*Passion: exclusive events


In addition, we assess and support olive oil producers on several matters including exportation, quality analysis, etc.


Our principles include:

*Spreading the culture of extra virgin olive oil

*Proposing initiatives that improve our society from a sociocultural and environmental perspective

*Supporting key people along the entire value chain of EVOO production and consumption

*Working with technical rigor, professionalism and creativiey


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