Professional Olive Oil Sommelier Course

21st to 25th October 2019


Spain, the perfect location to learn about Olive Oil

Our goal is to promote Extra Virgin Olive Oil through hard work and full understanding of all its qualities. In addition, we will focus on identifying Olive Oil defects and learn how to detect them in order to avoid these attributes in the future.

We will examine in greater depth how defects come out in Olive Oil. Here is where we will put into practice everything we have learned. For example, classifying defects according to their intensity, distinguishing Virgin from Extra Virgin Oil.

¿Who is the course designed for?

This course is designed for professionals and non-professionals interested in learning both how to taste Olive Oil along with important questions of how quality Olive Oil is produced.

Main topics of the course

Classification of Olive Oils, Quality criteria, Olive and Olive Oil varietals, Production processes, Olive Oil defects, Sensory and Phisicochemical Analisis, Gastronomy.


The course consists of in-house sessions which combine theoretical classes with carefully structured tasting sessions in terms of adequate length and number of tastings.
Theoretical classes not only offer a base of knowledge regarding tasting but also are useful to give the senses a necessary break, thus avoiding over-saturation. This has proven to be very effective as a way to learn and assimilate the necessary concepts.

Teaching Team

Luis Rubio:
Olive Oil Sommelier and Export Manager

Andrés García:
Product Manager & Founder Aceites Supremo AOVE

Rafael Navarro:
Olive Grove Specialist

Gregorio Arranz:
Olive Oil Sommelier, Chef

Come to Spain and discover Andalusia, the ocean of olive trees

The course includes morning lectures and afternoon excursions to Olive Oil Mills of particular interest.

We will submerge ourselves in the olive oil world in order to become better tasters and experts.

Hear the opinions of students from 8 different countries that already participated in the course!