Professional Olive Oil Sommelier Course

21st to 25th October 2019


Spain, the perfect location to learn about Olive Oil

Students from 8 different countries joined the last edition of the Olive Oil Sommelier Course,
hear what they have to say about their experience!

Having received many international requests, we at the Olive Oil School of Spain have decided to offer our Olive Oil Sommelier Course in English.

First of all, it is widely accepted that interest in Virgin Olive Oil, and especially Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is growing, and for good reason.

A culture of health and eating well, along with the rise of attention given to gastronomy in the media has brought Virgin Olive Oil into the limelight. Even though Olive Oil is one of the healthiest fats there is, it is surprisingly under-utilized, even in Spain which is, of course, the largest producer of olive oil in the world.

Olive oil is making its way into consumer households, most notably in countries where it is not produced, and where olive oil is not traditionally consumed.

Our goal is to promote Extra Virgin Olive Oil through hard work and full understanding of all its qualities. In addition, we will focus on identifying Olive Oil defects and learn how to detect them in order to avoid these attributes in the future.

We will examine in greater depth how defects come out in Olive Oil. Here is where we will put into practice everything we have learned. For example, classifying defects according to their intensity, distinguishing Virgin from Extra Virgin Oil. The aim will be to increase your self-confidence as an Olive Oil Taster.

¿Who is the course designed for?

This course is designed for professionals and non-professionals interested in learning both how to taste Olive Oil along with important questions of how quality Olive Oil is produced.

Students who have successfully completed the course will be granted with the diploma of the course

The course includes

- Classification of Olive Oils
- Quality criteria
- Olive and Olive Oil varietals
- Production processes
- Olive Oil defects

- Increase experience with Sensory Analysis.
- Detect the presence of defects in an Oil.
- Gain more confidence as an Olive Oil Taster.
- Understand Physicochemical Analysis.
- Gastronomy
- Come into contact with olive oil professionals.
- Self-evaluation and reinforce of knowledge.

Teaching Team

Marta González, Olive Oil Sommelier and director of the Olive Oil School of Spain

Marta will introduce the students to the olive oil tasting and then deepen in the characteristics and defects of Virgin Olive Oils.

Marta González comes from a family that owns several wineries in La Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Jerez, Spain. She has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the Autónoma University of Madrid. She has a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Markets from the School of Industrial Organization in Madrid. Marta has worked in Madrid, Brussels and Valencia.

Gonzalo Pin: Master Miller at Oli Oli organic Olive Oil Mill

Gonzalo Pin will show the students the entire olive oil elaboration process and will answer all possible questions related to best practices in this area. Together with Gonzalo, students will learn all the important factors that can affect olive oil quality during the elaboration process. Gonzalo will also talk about the health properties of olive oil.

Gonzalo is Master Miller Consultant at Oli Oli organic olive oil mill. In addition, he works as master miller consultant for other olive oil mills. Gonzalo has received the Gold Award  “BEST MASTER OF OLIVE MILL INTERESTED IN HEALTHY PROVEN EVOO”. OLYMPIA AWARDS Health & Nutrition 2016. Moreover, he is a board member of the ICA – International EVOO Cooking Academy. Gonzalo is olive oil taster certified by the Olive Oil School of Spain and belongs to certified olive oil sommelier and belongs to the School’s Columela Tasting Club.

Susan Hoover Kuebelbeck, Olive Oil Sommelier.

After a brief introduction, Susan will guide the students in a hands-on tasting session that will focus on the identification and differentiation of the two most classic and widely commercialized olive oil varietals, namely, Arbequina and Picual, as well as how they differ in early versus late harvesting. Students will go on to taste this year’s winners of The Superior School of Olive Oil competition, as well as olive oils from around the globe.

Originally from Minnesota, Susan has lived in Valencia, Spain for more than 20 years. She has a Ph.D in English, Masters in Spanish, has been trained as an olive oil specialist, and is founder of The Rain In Spain, gourmet olive oil gift sets.

Luis Rubio, Olive Oil Sommelier and Export Manager

With Luis Rubio the students will learn more about Olive Varietals and taste different Olive Oils made from spanish typical Olive Varietals.

Luis started his career in the business area, 15 years ago he found out his true passion, Olive Oil, and since then became an expert.
After his training as an Olive Oil Sommelier he founded his own company Club Aceitalia, advising differents Olive Oil prodcers and giving many Olive Oil tasting courses.  Four years ago he started working as Export Manager of Palacio de los Olivos.

Antonio Fazari, Olive Oil Sommelier and vice president of “Prim’Olio Saperi e Sapori di Calabria

Antonio will explain to the students about cultivating olive trees in southern italian climate and conditions, especially of his region: Calabria. Following a tasting session of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Vice president of Prim’Olio Saperi e Sapori di Calabria (a ministry certified Panel for extra virgin olive oil tasting), Antonio is, along with his family, also owner of Olearia San Giorgio in Calabria, Italy. They produce among the others, also organic and Slow Food Certified Olive Oils.
Graduated in Agricultural and Food Science and Technology at the “Mediterranea” University of Reggio Calabria, Antonio is now conducting PhD studies in Food, Agriculture and Forestry both at the University of Reggio Calabria and in Valencia.

Susana Romera, Olive Oil School of Spain Technical Director

Susana will ensure that the participants get full basic knowledge on olive oil tasting and olive oil culture. With Susana, students will learn about the characteristics and peculiarities of a wide variety of virgin olive oils from a technical perspective.

Susana Romera comes from an olive oil producing family in Granada, Spain. Formally trained in Cordoba and Madrid, she has participated as a professional taster in several events and conventions on the sensorial analysis of Virgin Olive Oil. Susana has extensive experience co-ordinating and implementing the Olive Oil School of Spain’s diverse training programmes. Susana is the Olive Oil School of Spain Tasting Panel Leader.

Gregorio Arranz, Olive Oil Sommelier. Chef

Gregorio will introduce the students to olive oil properties as well as olive oil creative uses in gastronomy. Together with Gregorio, students will learn about olive oil and health, about how to use different olive oil types and varieties… In addition, students will be able to taste some original and surprising pairings.

When he was still a student, Gregorio was the first prize runner up of Andalousian chefs. Gregorio has worked as chef at 5 stars hotels and various restaurants. He has also been manager of a catering company. He began studying cooking when he was very young and later earned a Degree in Gastronomic Sciences at the University of Valencia as well as a Master’s Degree in Catering. Nowadays Gregorio’s work is mainly focused on teaching.


The course consists of in-house sessions which combine theoretical classes with carefully structured tasting sessions in terms of adequate length and number of tastings.

Theoretical classes not only offer a base of knowledge regarding tasting but also are useful to give the senses a necessary break, thus avoiding over-saturation. This has proven to be very effective as a way to learn and assimilate the necessary concepts. In addition, there will be a visit to an olive oil mill where you will see first-hand how olive oil is made.

Programme includes visit to olive fields during the first day and visit to an olive oil mill and ancient olive tree on the second day.

We will submerge ourselves in intense Olive Oil Tasting in order to become better tasters.

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