ESAO Awards

ESAO Awards Ceremony 2019

The ESAO Awards Ceremony 2019 will be framed within the Cultural & Gastronomic EVOO Days organised by Casa Mediterráneo   Casa Mediterráneo will host the delivery of the ESAO Awards, the prizes sponsored by the Olive Oil School of Spain to the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils. The delivery of the aforementioned prizes will be framed within the Cultural & Gastronomic EVOO Days, which will take place on June 4th and 5th at Casa del Mediterraneo facilities in Alicante. “Through the ESAO Awards, we want to recognize the important work of all EVOO producers that are making an enormous effort to ellaborate outstanding high quality extra virgin olive oils,” says Susana Romera, Technical…

Discover how “Pago las Monjas” won the Best Spanish Olive Oil Mill Award in 2018

Interview with José Manuel Prieto. José Manuel owns and manages, together with his brother Javier, Pago Las Monjas Olive Oil Mill in Montoro (Córdoba). Pago las Monjas oil mill has been chosen the best of Spain in 2018 by the Spanish Association of Municipalities of Olivo (AEMO). They built the mill in 2015, although the exploitation on which the oil mill is based belongs to their family since 1850. Both José Manuel and his brother Javier took the Olive Oil School of Spain Master Miller Course when they were developing their Project. Since 2017, we develop specialised training at their mill. In February 2019, we will be helding at their…

When should olives be harvested to obtain top quality EVOO?

Master Miller at “Cortijo la Torre” José Luis Burgos explains how to know when and how to harvest. Objective: obtaining the highest quality in the extraction of your extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). José Luis Burgos has a proven track record in the development of quality EVOOs. He participates as speaker in some of the specialised Master Miller Courses of the Olive Oil School of Spain. When is the ideal moment to start harvesting the olives? The ideal moment to start planning the harvesting of the olives that we are going to devote to the production of a maximum quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil starts by the end of September…


ESAO Awards for Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018/2019

ESAO International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards 2018/19 The Olive Oil School of Spain sponsors the ESAO AWARDS in support of Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For the 3rd consecutive year, awards will be offered for premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), now including new categories and prizes.  Awards will be given in several national categories, and, of special note, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards will be given for Best International Extra Virgin Olive Oil awards.       Eligibility requirements Those wishing to participate must have ownership of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand. The bulk extra virgin olive oil must be from the 2018-2019 harvest, as…



[:en]Today it is well known that a Mediterranean diet rich in extra virgin olive oil is beneficial to health in several ways. It is also known that it is in the unsaponifiable portion (a tiny portion in olive oil, between 1and 3%) where the majority of bioactive compounds responsible for these benefits are found.


Artisan olive oils: why bitter is better

There’s nothing romantic about tasting 15 great extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) in a day. It’s brutal — an exhaustive exercise testing our olfactory and gustatory senses for traces of herbs, fruit and plants, and the four essential tastes or feelings: sweetness, astringency, spiciness and bitterness. We were at La jornada de primeros aoves de campaña 2014/15 (introduction to the first EVOOs of 2014/15) in Valencia, Spain, courtesy of Susana Romera and Marta González Eguizábal of Escuela Valenciana de Cata.